2006 Black Forest Star Party Report and Photos.
This years BFSP was again, more party than stars.  We did have one great night.  That was
Thursday night, the 24th.  Milky Way from horizon to horizon.  This was the type of night that
you hoped every night on this trip would be like.  Hoping was one thing, reality was another.
I picked up Arthur Blake at 4AM on Thursday morning and we took off for Black Forest.  It was a dreary morning, but we knew
we would get at least one night in according to the weather forcast.  Boy was it dead on.  This is around 7AM on Route 80 in
Pennsylvania.  We were driving in and out of clouds most of the morning.
Some of the scenes were very impressive.  In between those cloud layers in the distant are the tops of mountains.  This far out,
that is all there is.  Mountains.  Weather doesn't seem promising.  But, we are starting to get some blue.
We are still a few hours away from Cherry Springs State Park.  Just can't wait to get on Route 44.
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