The Great Orion Nebula by Jimmy Mack.
2014 Winter Star Party, Florida Keys.
The Orion Nebula (M42 or NGC 1976) is a diffuse nebula situated south of Orion's Belt in the constellation of Orion. It is one of the brightest nebulae, and
is visible to the naked eye in the night sky. It is nice in binoculars, but awesome viewing throught a telescope.  M42 is located at a distance of 1,344 light
years and is the closest region of massive star formation to Earth. The M42 nebula is estimated to be 24 light years across.  Also included are M43 or
NGC 1982 next to the bright trapezium area.  And, NGC 1973, 1975 and 1977 to the far right of M42 with the bright stars and dark nebula.
The same equipment was used to take this photo as the previous one titled Omega Centauri.  Jimmy Mack.
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