M13, (NGC6205) Globular Cluster in the Constellation "Hercules".
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Place:  Cherry Springs State Park.
Date:  June 3, 2011.
Time:  12:18 AM.
Camera:  Canon EOS XSi Digital SLR Camera.
Lens:  Meade 12 inch, f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain
Focal Length:  Prime Focus.
ISO: 1600.
Exposure Time:  3 Times 90 Seconds.
White Balance:  Automatic.
Processed in Photoshop CS3.
M13 is about 145 light-years in diameter, and it is composed of several hundred thousand stars, the brightest of which is the variable star V11 with an apparent
magnitude of 11.95. M13 is 25,100 light-years away from Earth.