M16, NGC6611.  The "Eagle Nebula" and Open Star Cluster Tr32. (Trumpler 32)
Located in the Constellation "Serpens".  Home of the famous "Pillars of Creation".
M16 is a 5.5 million-year-old cloud of molecular hydrogen gas and dust stretching approximately 70 light years by 55 light years.
Place: Cherry Springs State Park, PA.
Time and Date: 1:25 am 7/25/14.
Camera: A Gary Honis modified Canon EOS T3i
Scope: Astro Tech AT111 w/0.8 reducer/flattener
Mount: Astro Physics AP900GEM
Four 600 sec. exposures.
ISO: 800.
Guide: WO 80mm scope, Star Light Express Lodestar guide camera & PHD guide SW.
Image: Stacked in DeepSky Stacker and Adjusted in Photoshop CS6.
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