My 2011 Black Forest Star Pary.
Russell E. King.  A member of the
Willingboro Astronomical Society.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 around 8 AM and I am on my wat to get some Ice to fill my coolers and everything goes great.  I get back home finish loading
and head around to Arthurs.  Everything is as it should be..  I am to meet him at his house around 9:30 that morning and he will load his equipment into the Van
and we will be on our way to the Black Forest Star Party.  Well, ya' know, that's what we thought.  We get everything loaded, got in the van, turn the key,
DAMN..........................  Sorry, "Flashback".  Anyway, this dumb-ass Van wont start.  All I hear is my battery sending "Morse Code".  No juice.  Imagine, all
loaded up, ready to go, some-else depending on you and this *&#@% wont start.  I could have crawled into an ant-hill at that point. Real embarrassing.  We
tried Arthurs Power Tank, that didn't work.  I had my Die Hard Charger along, so we tried the Charger.  No good!  Finally Arthurs brother came out with
some Jumper Cables and suggested Jumping the Battery.  We did.  It worked.  We finally got it going and Astronomers like we are, off we went.  Now I was
hoping this battery was having a moment, but, I wasn't turning this baby off until we were parked on the campgrounds.  I figure, we get there, we will get home.
 We left arount 10:30 that morning.  Usual trip with no real problems.  Some minor construction slowing you down, but we made it a little over 5 hours.  Lane
and Harold we there when we got there.  Harold was there Tuesday  and I believe
Lane got there early Thursday morning.  Not long after we arrived, David
Lerner and Mitch arrived.  A little later that afternoon,  Jimmy and Connor arrived.  John Ambrose was there, but Camped in another area.  Arnie and Dave N.
arrived Thursday and Connors' father arrived Friday afternoon.
 Everyone got set-up ok and even though scattered thunderstorms were predicted for Wednesday night,  it actually looked like it was going to be a pretty good
sky.  And to be truthful with you, the first hour of darkness produced a reallly nice sky.  Milky Way strong.  Not long after that it all went away.  We covered
everything up, shot the bull for a while and everyone soon turned in.
 The weather was nice.  Not cold, not hot, just right.  I heard a few taps on my Rain Cover and the wind was blowing pretty hard.  A few more taps and then
some more, sounds like my battery again, all of a sudden, this beautiful campground became this battlefield.  The rain came down hard and it was thunder and
lightning.  And I mean THUNDER AND LIGHTNING.  The lightning flashes were extreemly bright.  Nothing like being in a tent, in a Thunder and Lightning
Storm with the wind smacking your tent like it stole something and millions of trees all around you. "I want my mommy! But, we made it just like always.
 Thurday morning was the start of a great couple of days.   I had a very enjoyable few days.
The next two nights would bring us some very enjoyable skies.  
Left to Right, Russell, Dave, Harold, Mitch, Connor, Jimmy, Lane, John, Arthur and Arnie.  Missing in photo: David Lerner.
Representatives of the Willingboro Astronomical Society.
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Photo taken by: Harrold Williams.