The great "John Dobson".  
The "Sidewalk Astronomer".
The Dobsonian Telescope man himself.  
His talks on the creation of the Universe are very interesting.  
But you had better follow every word or you'll be lost.
Here I am with John Dobson at the 2003 NEAF
vendors convention.  I have listened to the man
on several occasions.  Still don't know what the
hell he is talking about.
Al Nagler and myself at the Stellafane Telescope Builders Convention
in Springfield, Vermont.
Al is the inventor of some of the worlds best Eyepieces and Astronomical Equipment.
On the left is the famous Comet Hunter, David Levi.  Best known for the discovery
with the Shoemakers of Comet "Shoemaker-Levi 9".  "SL9" is the only Planet impactor
witnessed by mankind.   I watched the rusults of the impact on Jupiter for over 6
months with my 10 inch reflector. Know as the "String of Pearls", it broke into 21
pieces.  It got too close on one of its passes and was broken apart by the gravatational
pull of Jupiter.   Gravity then pull it into the planet itself.
David Levi has many Comet Discoveries to his credit and is an excellent speaker.
On the right is "THE MAN" himself, Jerry Lodriguss.  
Considered one of the top astrophotographers in the world.  His
skills have been published in every major astronomy
publication.  Sky and Tel, Astronomy Magazine, Petersons
Astronomy Guide and many more.  I have several links to his
website throughout my website, but hell, he deserves another.
The great "Derrick Pitts".
Heads the "Fels Planetarium" and Observatory at the
Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He was keynote speaker at the 2001 Stellafane Convention.
Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to meet some very important people in
astronomy.  Here are some photos of those people.
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